Toby Mach

Artistic Director  |  Performer

He / Him

If you’ve never met someone who has spent 6,792 hours on RuneScape, well now you’ve met Toby.

Lurking behind the pseudonym Winged Souls is Toby, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, producer, and sound designer. Toby makes music for a variety of games and films, the highlight so far being the Soda Dungeon series. Deeply engrossed in music’s storytelling abilities when paired with popular culture and interactive media, it is Toby’s mission within Sinister Creative to proliferate celebrations of game music and foster community bonds around it.

In addition to playing keyboard and arranging anime music for the cover band Hoka no Tea Time, Toby also runs a YouTube channel publishing game music piano arrangements, covers, and originals. Despite being able to play various instruments including piano, electric bass, guitar, drum kit, melodica, and Tsugaru shamisen, it’s when tapping gym badges in Pokemon Diamond that Toby’s performance skills truly shine.





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