Starling Tan

Artistic Director  |  Performer

She / Her

Growing up with games like Final Fantasy VIII and Secret of Mana, Starling is a massive fan of JRPG music. In particular, we can thank Yasunori Mitsuda (composer for Chrono Cross and Xenogears) for inspiring her to pursue her musical journey.

As artistic director for SOUND BYTE and a composer, arranger, oboist, and multi-instrumentalist, Starling’s dedication to composing and performing game music stems from her passion of sharing the sounds that have shaped her childhood dreams. She is a stylistically-versatile composer who has made music for Loch Mess by ailurux and Postcard Memento by Helen Kwok & Michelle Chen (for GGJ 2021). Starling also specialises in adapting soundtracks for acoustic performance; her creative yet authentic arrangements of game music tracks have received praise from their original composers such as Gareth Coker, aivi & surasshu, and Hayato Asano.

In recent years, Starling has developed a love for indie games such as To The Moon, Butterfly Soup, Novena, and Night in the Woods. For her, it is a great joy to experience games with a personal touch that challenge the boundaries of art.






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