Ryan Williams

Artistic Director  |  Performer

He / Him

A recorder player by birth and an ocarina player by chance, Ryan is an interdisciplinary-performance maker and arts producer passionate about composing, improvising, and exploring collaborative practices with artists and communities.

It all began when Ryan played his first game of Donkey Kong on his brother’s ColecoVision. Next thing you know, he’s moved from console to console whilst cementing an unwavering love for platformer games. Mostly thanks to the Sega Mega Drive and Sonic the Hedgehog, now you may find Ryan hooked on the Nintendo Switch in the darkest hours of night, sacrificing sleep to explore the world of Hollow Knight. However, it is precisely due to his admiration towards the ingenuity of Australian game developers and game composers, that Ryan enjoys celebrating video game music through performance, collaboration, and inventive curation.

Ryan has also performed at major Australian and international festivals, and regularly performs with leading arts companies including Sydney Symphony Orchestra, ELISION Ensemble, and Snuff Puppets. He is planning to take his ocarina-crafting skills to the next level…watch this space for news about Melbourne-made ocarinas!



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