Scintillations Music and YOUBRIO were proud to present OCARINA, a new live concert experience celebrating the internationally recognised music of the Zelda videogames.

Inspired by and based on the musical themes of famed videogame composer Koji Kondo, OCARINA combined the powers, colours and thrills of live jazz and classical orchestration, bringing together some of Australia’s most eminent young musical talent. It invited audiences to discover the ocarina, the real-life ancient wind instrument played by the game’s central character Link to traverse far reaches, unlock temples and dungeons, and summon companions in his journey to rescue Princess Zelda. Featuring renowned Australian multi-instrumentalist Ryan Williams on the titular instrument, this world premiere was not to be missed!

The concerts marked the reunion of award-winning pianist and director of Scintillations Music Nick Young with Sydney-based videogame jazz sensations The Consouls, following their first collaboration in 2017 to celebrate the tenth-year anniversary of Final Fantasy VII.

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