Nicholas Young


He / Him

Sinister Creative was founded as a team effort, but it all began as Nick’s brain child. Specifically, Sinister Creative was born out of Nick’s twin fascination for classical music culture and video game culture.

Nick is moved by the power of music in shaping video game experiences, and inversely, the power of video games to draw contemporary audiences into the world of music. He is an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning pianist who has won prizes at top competitions including the Australian National Piano Award, ABC Young Performers Awards, and many more. Thankfully, at the end of the day, Nick is still eager to kick back, relax, and load his latest Final Fantasy, Civilization, and Elder Scrolls save files.

In addition to regularly presenting solo and chamber music recitals across Australia in a variety of instrumental collaborations, Nick is also a prolific music educator and founder-director of PIANO GURU. Over here though, we like to focus on the side of him who almost burnt down his house playing a floppy disk game in the early 1990s.




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