Jade Norfolk

Business & Operations Manager

She / Her

Jade is an arts and events manager, currently working on Sinister Creative’s business development and production operations. Jade started working with Nick at Scintillations Music in 2017 to help realise his vision of celebrating game music live.

Having accumulated over 10 years of project and event management experience across the Melbourne arts scene, Jade has consulted and managed for events and organisations large and small, such as the Yarraville Festival, 3MBS, Melbourne Youth Orchestras, and many more. She is concurrently the co-founder and general manager for Melbourne Saxophone and the Melbourne International Saxophone Festival.

Jade utilises her galaxy brain skills to devise strategic practices in minigames and Mario Party. At home, she enjoys backseat driving her partner’s video game sessions; but at Sinister Creative, she shows us how it's done like a real boss. That's why we have no doubts about our mission of creating amazing, unforgettable events.

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