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Scintillations Music proudly celebrated 20 years of FINAL FANTASY VII in Australia with two special concerts in Sydney and Melbourne, performed by international award-winning Australian pianist Nick Young featuring two of Australia’s top young ensembles, The Consouls and Ensemble Françaix.

This performance transformed Nobuo Uematsu’s legendary soundtrack for ‘FFVII’ into a unique live experience blending virtuosic solo piano arrangements with powerful multi-instrument collaborations, celebrating the intimacy and dynamism of small ensemble music-making. Nick was joined in Sydney by video game jazz sensations The Consouls, and in Melbourne by fellow members and guest artists of the innovative Ensemble Françaix. Unlike many other video game concerts, “FINAL FANTASY VII LIVE” was focused entirely on the music of a single game, aiming to recapture its entire story and emotional richness with the same narrative power of a play, musical or opera. While diehard fans especially enjoyed reliving the journey, audiences also savoured hearing popularly recognised tunes such as ‘One-Winged Angel’, ‘Chocobo Racing’ and ‘Crazy Motorcycle’.

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