Danna Yun

Marketing & Artistic Director

She / Her

Out of everyone in the Sinister Creative team, Danna is the one most likely to seriously consider getting hit by a car if she was convinced she could get isekai’d into another world.

Luckily, she understands why she’s got to stay. Danna is a composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, and marketing nerd currently making music for Spiritwell by David Chen, Postage Game by the Goober Brigade, and an untitled game by Starhouse. She writes songs under the pseudonym “Pekoe”, and has arranged music for ABC News Breakfast, The University of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Australian New Goldberg Orchestra, and more.

The first time music ever resounded in Danna’s heart was when she left Twinleaf Town with her first ever Pokemon to pace through the playful steps of Route 201. Ever since then, Danna has been determined to share and promote video game music to bring more adventure into people’s lives. She can talk all day about the Breath of the Wild soundtrack, and she’s also got a soft spot for Wind Waker; the game she grew up watching her brother play.



YouTube (Pekoe)

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